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FOGDOG Premium Panko Breadcrumbs

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FOGDOG Premium Panko Breadcrumbs

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Go Japanese style

The best, truly authentic Japanese style Panko breadcrumbs is now made in New Zealand and joins the Fogdog range!

The FOGDOG Premium Panko Breadcrumbs is a yeast risen wheat bread, ground into slivery shaped crumbs. It's significantly better than your standard breadcrumbs for taste, crispiness and goes further than other crumbs.

Not all Panko are equal. Our Panko is made using an Electrode Bake Process and not heat. It sounds shocking but it produces a beautiful elongated, airy and delicate crumb that leaves other Panko for dead and fair wallops traditional breadcrumbs.

Perfect for fish, prawns, squid rings and even chicken and schnitzel.

Cooking Tips:
  • To avoid wastage, make an approx. 5mm bed of Panko to lay your fillet in. Use Panko from the packet to sprinkle on the topside. Ensure well coated, evenly on each side.
  • Ensure the fry pan is hot before adding the crumbed fillet. A couple of minutes each side all that is required and flip once.

Size: 200g
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