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About the Marine Deals Affiliate Programme

The Marine Deals Affiliate Programme

Do you have a website? Do want to make money from your website AND provide something of use to your viewers?

If your answer is yes then consider becoming a Marine Deals affiliate.

For example, you might be a club needing to fundraise, or you might run a fishing or sports related website...

We can think of Five GREAT reasons to become a Marine Deals affiliate

Reason #1: It's easy.

All you have to do is sign up here and we'll provide you with the widgets (just a copy and paste) to place on your website.

Reason #2: If your website visitors are keen on fishing, you WILL make money.

Marine Deals offers 6 new amazing deals every week. We sell the best gear and everyone tells us our deals are the best in town. Your viewers won't be able to resist! And, you'll get the benefit.

Reason #3: You will be doing your visitors a service.

We reckon that our deals are so good that by introducing your visitors to really good deals then you are providing them with a great service!

Happy fisher folk around...:-)

Reason #4: You reap a decent reward.

We pay a decent commission (email us for details) on all sales generated from click throughs from your website (freight and GST excluded).

And, our cookies last for 7 days. That means if you send someone to our website and they don't purchase straight away - you don't miss out. All they have to do is come back within the next 7 days and buy, and you get your commission.

By the way we pay all amounts over $50 on the 1st day of every month. (Lower amounts roll over to the next month).

Reason #5: We provide you with access to your sales activity.

Once you sign up you will be able to see all the sales activity generated by your website, including reports and even individual orders (we're quite proud of this).

If you need more information or want us to contact you, you can use our contact page to get hold of us, otherwise to get going on earning commission from your visitors click the button below!