Straylining - an excellent way to target larger species in shallower water...

An effective way to target snapper, trevally and kahawai in shallow waters....straylining is about floating baits in currents, preferably in a burley trail. Because the bait floats down the current in a natural way, the bait is presented naturally which appeals to bigger fish. Show More...

Normally done in shallower waters between 5 and 30 meters of water, it gets your bait away from the boat which is crucial as larger fish tend to keep away from boats. The boat is anchored, typically around foul / ground reef structures.

The line: Normally done with lighter line, usually 5 to 15 kilo line. Lighter line is more 'natural' and more invisible to fish. The lighter the line, the better the hookup rate. The heavier the line the less you catch. Too light a line increases the risk of being busted off by fish.

The reel: Baitrunner and baitcaster style reels usually used, it's important to have a reel that is good for casting.

The rod: Typically a 6 to 15 kilo rated rod with a reasonably soft tip is used, this helps the cast and is more sensitive to bites. Additionally these offer a smoother hookup when striking fish.

The tackle: A standard swivel with 20 -100lb trace fluorocarbon is best as it's very thin and nearly invisible.

People generally use octopus style hooks, sometimes circle hooks are also used. The general approach is to use a main hook and then a keeper hook. The keeper hook is either sliding or tied. The keeper hook maintains the bait especially important while casting and keeps the line away from the bait so the fish can swallow the entire bait.

People often use sliding ball sinker above the hooks. Sometimes the sinker is sliding or inside a half hitch tied above the hook. This way pressure is on the half hitch and doesn't disturb the presentation of the bait. A disadvantage of a sliding sinker is that it can sometimes can get caught up.

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