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Snap Swivels Size 1 Tension 43kg Qty 7

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Snap Swivels Size 2 Tension 34kg Qty 9

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Snap Swivels Size 3 Tension 25kg Qty 10

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Snap Swivels Size 4 Tension 15kg Qty 12

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Snap Swivels Size 5 Tension 12kg Qty 12

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Snap Swivels Size 6 Tension 9kg Qty 13

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Smooth action for fighting those big fish!

These Barrel Snap Swivels are quality swivels, designed to assure smooth movement. These swivels are strong and spin easily to eliminate line twist, or any situation where your line is in danger of twisting. It also comes with a snap for clipping on sinkers or other fishing rigs. It features a black finish that help to stop the likes of barracuda or other tooth fish from biting them and snipping off your trace. Available in various sizes: 1 (7pcs/pack), 2 (9pcs/pack), 3 (25pcs/pack), 4 (12pcs/pack), 5 (12pcs/pack), 6 (13pcs/pack). These barrel swivels are truly a main part of the terminal tackle.

Tension rating for each size:
  • Swivels Size 1 - 43kg Tension
  • Swivels Size 2 - 34kg Tension
  • Swivels Size 3 - 25kg Tension
  • Swivels Size 4 - 15kg Tension
  • Swivels Size 5 - 12kg Tension
  • Swivels Size 6 - 9kg Tension

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