Kilwell UV Tarakihi Tickla Flasher Rig

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Kilwell UV Tarakihi Tickla Flasher Rig Pinky 2/0

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Kilwell UV Tarakihi Tickla Flasher Rig Pinky #2

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Kilwell UV Tarakihi Tickla Flasher Rig Whitebait 2/0

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Premium quality flasher rig

A specially designed flasher rig irresistible to Tarakihi, the Kilwell UV Tarakihi Tickla Flasher Rig features a light and almost invisible fluorocarbon trace, light reflecting aurora wing, ultraviolet flashy tail and lumo bead - a deadly combination fish can't resist. The hooks are strong enough and capable of landing almost any other species. The UV blast adds a unique attractant. This rig is easy to use; simply attach your main line direct to the top swivel or use a snap swivel, then tie a sinker to the free end so it's at the bottom of the rig and you're good to go.

When jigged vertically the attractive bait flies trigger the feeding instincts of hungry Tarakihi or Snapper. The rig can be enhanced by adding small pieces of cut bait to the individual flies. Drop the rig to the seabed, retrieve a couple of turns of line onto the reel then jig with a rod tip movement of approximately 60cm. The Tickla rig can also be fished on the drift with a light sinker.

Kilwell Tickla Rig Features:
  • Premium Quality - Made tough with low visibility fluorocarbon
  • Light fluorocarbon trace
  • Reflective aurora wing
  • Ultraviolet flashy tail
  • Lumo bead
  • Available colours: Greeny, pinky, whitebait
  • Available sizes: #2, 2/0

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