Kiwi Rigs Flasher Rig with Beak Hooks Size 6/0

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A new favourite for catching Snapper!

Fishos love the Kiwi Rigs Flasher Rig with Beak Hooks, because not only has it been designed in New Zealand for New Zealand fish and conditions, but it's been found to outfish bait alone! The flasher's sudden and jerky movement through the water creates a visually strong attraction to a lot of species. When combined with the smell and taste of a thin strip of real bait, you could very well have a deadly combo on your hands. Plus, the chemically sharpened beak hooks ensure that Snapper won't get away!

Get the enticing Kiwi Rigs Flasher Rig with Beak Hooks for an irresistible and sure way to catch fish.

Kiwi Rigs Flasher Rig with Beak Hooks Features:
  • Enticing jerky movement is irresistible to fish
  • Designed to self-set in the side of the fish's mouth
  • Flasher type
  • Made from high quality materials
  • With chemically sharpened beak hooks
  • High visibility colours and design
  • Lumo beads
  • 2-hook rig
  • Size: 6/0

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