Maxistrike 2-Hook Flasher Rigs

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Maxistrike 2 Hook Flasher Rig 3/0

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Maxistrike 2 Hook Flasher Rig 4/0
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Maxistrike 2 Hook Flasher Rig 5/0
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Maxistrike 2 Hook Flasher Rig 6/0
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Maxistrike 2 Hook Flasher Rig 7/0

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Target everything from Snapper to Trevally

These Maxistrike 2-Hook Flasher Rigs have been found to totally out-fish bait alone! The sudden jerky movement of the flasher through the water is a strong visual attraction to most species. Team that up with the smell and taste of a thin strip of real bait and you have a deadly combination. Thanks to the chemically sharpened hooks, you can be sure to catch just about any fish species that swims in the ocean.

Maxistrike 2-Hook Flasher Rigs Features:
  • 2 chemically sharpened hooks
  • Jerky movement is enticing to fish
  • Ideal for use with 30lb line
  • Available sizes: 3/0 , 4/0, 5/0, 6/0, 7/0, 8/0

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