LegaSea X Barkers

The LegaSea Mission Legasea is dedicated to promoting increased abundance in our coastal fisheries for the benefit of all New Zealanders. They stand up against wasteful and destructive bulk fishing practices such as trawling, and work to educate all sectors on how to reduce their impact on our fish life.

LegaSea X Barkers Initiative LegaSea is a fan of Barkers clothing and what they stand for - sustainability is at their core. With Barkers joining LegaSea's cause as a major sponsor, together they have released a new line of caps and organic tees with 100% of all proceeds donated to the LegaSea mission. Can't get any tighter than that!

Where Marine Deals Comes in Marine Deals is providing the warehousing and fulfilment services (except shipping) free of charge as our contribution to this LegaSea X Barkers initiative. We are proud to sponsor the work being undertaken by LegaSea to campaign for better fisheries management and restored abundance to our inshore coastal fisheries.

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