Universal Food Oven (UFO) offers a revolutionary new way to cook your hangi, steam your seafood, smoke your fish, garlic and cheese, bake your cakes and even BBQ. Led by inventor and designer – Wayne Dil, UFO produces the best quality stainless steel cookers and a range of cost efficient, eco and user friendly products that encourage the traditional form of Maori cooking. Simply... the healthiest way to cook.

  • UFO Tuna Gaff 1.8m

    UFO Tuna Gaff 1.8m
    Why pay $269.00
    ONLY $149.00
    SAVE $120.00!

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  • UFO Cold Smoke Creator

    UFO Cold Smoke Creator
    Why pay $229.00
    ONLY $169.00
    SAVE $60.00!

    In Stock

  • UFO Smoke Box

    UFO Smoke Box
    ONLY $159.00

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  • UFO Rocket 2-in-1 Cooker

    UFO Rocket 2-in-1 Cooker
    ONLY $199.00

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  • UFO Nodules Box for Cold Smoke Creator

    UFO Nodules Box for Cold Smoke Creator
    FROM $29.99
  • UFO NZ Sawdust 500g

    UFO NZ Sawdust 500g
    Why pay $6.99
    FROM $4.99
    SAVE $2.00!

    In Stock

  • UFO DC Pump

    UFO DC Pump
    ONLY $49.99

    Ships Jul 20 - Jul 28

  • UFO Butane Jet Lighter

    UFO Butane Jet Lighter
    ONLY $29.99

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