Deep Sea

Deep Sea Fishing - plenty of it in New Zealand ...

There's a lot of deep water surrounding the New Zealand coastline and a lot of people fish these deeper depths to target delicious deep water fish species such as Terakihi, Hapuka, Bluenose, Trumpeter, Red Snapper, Hoki, Gemfish and Kingfish.Show More...

Deep Sea fishing is considered to be at depths 50-400m and is performed mainly over deep water reefs.

Glow in the dark gear is effective because there are low levels of light in deep water and glow in the dark gear attracts fish to your line.

Dropper and flasher rigs with bait are also used, however people are using more and more live bait to target bigger fish. Livies send out signals/ vibrations that attract the attention of deep water fish species.

The rods: 15-24 kg shorter rods are used, similar to game fishing but not as heavy duty.

The reels: Reels used are generally overhead reels, though the Fin-Nor offshore spin reels are becoming more popular. High speed reels are good for quick retrieval, while lower gear ratios are used for winching fish off the bottom.

The line: Braid allows you to feel bites when you are a long way down - use 10-37 kg braid.


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