Why we support Coastguard

It's about saving lives

When you’re out, playing in mother-nature, things can and do go wrong. Equipment failure, changing weather conditions, inexperience, we know, time and again … the proverbial hits the fan! And that’s why we support Coastguard.

Last year 6000 people were brought home safely after an emergency on the water.

How do we Support the Coastguard?

Through supporting donations

The Coastguard is a registered charity. When you checkout at Marine-Deals.co.nz we give you the choice to round up your order to the nearest dollar as a no-brainer way of donating to the Coastguard. Making it easy for you, makes cents, I mean sense, and it all adds up to a great way of giving to a life saving cause

Through supporting memberships

We reckon everyone who heads out on the water, whether near or far, should become a Coastguard member. Join Coastguard today.

Through supporting their volunteers

The Coastguard's volunteer rescue crew provide the primary maritime search and rescue service in New Zealand. That means when you're in trouble they're the ones rescuing you, so Marine Deals has found additional ways to look after them. They’re awesome and deserve our support specifically.

Coastguard - The charity saving lives at sea

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