Poppers, Stickbaits & Trolling

Poppers, Rapalas & Stickbaiting - it's all about the action!

More exciting ways to fish! Poppers and stickbaits are about casting and retrieving while Rapalas are trolled behind the back of a boat.Show More...

Rapala lures are trolled behind the back of a boat and are very effective under workups and entrances to harbours / estuaries.

A 15 or 24 kg setup is required to be able to handle the big strikes from the likes of Kingfish.

Monofilment line is generally preferred over braid, mono takes shock and impact and acts like a rubber band so it always keeps the pressure on the fish.

We have selected the most popular colours in the range for targeting larger salt water species.

Poppers have a hollowed out recessed nose. Poppers float along the surface and create a lot of cavitation and thrashing in the water to imitate a struggling bait fish trying to escaping a predator.

Stick baits are the latest craze in targeting Kingfish, Tuna and GTs (giant trevallys). Similar to a popper but with smoother entry and more dance and movement on the retrieve. This is a really exciting way to get the attention of larger salt water species. Stick baits glide, dive and zig zag in the water to attract attention while poppers hold a straighter course. There are two kinds of Stickbaits - surface and subsurface.

The gear
Good robust heavy duty spin reels with massive drag pressure to endure the impact to stop big fish from swimming around obstacles are recommended. Shorter boat rods for good leverage are used.

Kingfish like to hang around bouys, markers, shallow reefs, cray pots so it's good to target these areas. The pressure of the reel drag must be able to pull the fish away from these obstacles. Fin-Nor, Shimanos and Daiwas are good reels.

A 15 to 24 kg, 7-8' heavy overhead rods is recommended.

Use 24 - 37kg braid or mono.


  • Rapala Magnum CD-18 Sinking Lure 18cm 70g

    Rapala Magnum CD-18 Sinking Lure 18cm 70g
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  • PowerPro High-Visibility Yellow Braid

    PowerPro High-Visibility Yellow Braid
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  • Williamson Popper Pro Lure

    Williamson Popper Pro Lure
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  • Rapala Original Floating Lure 5cm

    Rapala Original Floating Lure 5cm
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