Slow & Micro Jigging

Slow Jigging - a cross between softbaiting and metal jigging

Slow Jigging is best described as a cross between softbaiting and metal jigging. The glowing colours and skirt vibrations entice fish to strike even with the slightest jig movements.Show More...

A slow jig is a squid like lure, which simulates a squid. It's lowered to the bottom and bounced along the bottom like you would a softbait.

Slow jigging requires overhead overhead baitcasting reels with slightly stiffer rods, more rigid tips than your typical softbait rod - slow jigs are heavier than softbait jig heads.

Typical slow jig weights are 10g to 300g, though the most common are 20g to 100g.

Use 6lb to 30lb braid.

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