Squid Fishing

Squid Fishing - a new form of fishing for NZ over the past few years

If you haven't tried eating fresh squid then you are missing out on something delicious. Also known as Calamari...we reckon it's on a par with scallops and crayfish! Show More...

Squid lures were pioneered by the Japanese a few hundred years ago, and now this form of fishing has become very popular here in NZ over the past few years.

The key with Squid lures is experimentation. Lures vary in terms of 'action' in the water, colours, how light reflects from the jig and sizes. Size examples are 2.5, 3.0 etc. A size 3 will sink at around 3 seconds per meter, a size 2.5 will sink at 2 seconds per meter.

Some lures are scented...these work extremely well.

Rods designed for squid fishing have a slower, more progressive action and low rider guides to allow better casting performance and, a tangle free tip to help prevent tip wraps.

Japanese PE (polyethylene) braid is the most popular line as it casts smoothly, has more strands than standard braids, and floats which helps you to tip the nose of the jig upwards which provides a better action for your jig. The choice of braid is also crucial as you need to feel pretty much immediately when the squid has hit the jig.

Jig fishing requires a particular technique. Cast your jig out, allow it to drop to the bottom and then give 2 to 3 sharp jerks taking your rod to 90 degrees. Then drop the tip of your rod and allow the jig to drop to the bottom. After a pause repeat the process. Usually a squid will attack your jig when the lure is falling or sitting on the bottom.Hide

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