Kiwi Camping, camping for kiwis, was set up in a small garage in Hamilton, New Zealand in 1989 by a couple of no-nonsense Kiwis. Lovers of the great Kiwi outdoors, they figured there was a demand for a range of tents and accessories designed for New Zealand’s unique landscape and often challenging conditions. In 2012, Gregg Brown from Aber bought Kiwi Camping. Sure it made good business sense for Gregg, but the decision to purchase Kiwi Camping was motivated by much more than business. An enthusiastic camper himself, Gregg and his wife Suzanne had enjoyed a long and happy association with Kiwi Camping. With a healthy network of alliances in the industry and personal track-records as seasoned campers (a few rock festivals in their teens, an impoverished O.E. in the 80s and more recently, 12 years of hauling their young family around the campsites of the north island), Gregg & Suzanne saw it as an exciting challenge and an opportunity to turn Kiwi Camping into the foremost camping brand in New Zealand.

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