ManTackle Snapper Recurve Flasher Rig with Rig Holder 5/0

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An effective Snapper rig!

Go get yourself that 20-pound Snapper! The ManTackle Snapper Recurve Flasher Rig has been found to totally out-fish bait alone. The sudden jerky movement of the flasher through the water is a strong visual attraction to most species, team that up with the smell and taste of a thin strip of real bait and you have a deadly combo! And what's more this rig comes with high carbon, chemically-sharpened suicide hooks that offer great strength without being bulky. Great for fishing from the beach, rocks, wharf or boat.

ManTackle Snapper Recurve Flasher Rigs with Rig Holder Features:
  • Chemically sharpened hooks
  • Comes with a rig holder
  • Hook size: 5/0
  • Line strength: 50lb

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