Surfcasting Floating Pulley Rig

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Cast further so you can reach the big fish

The perfect addition to the tackle box of any surfcaster fisho, the Surfcasting Floating Pulley Rig is one of the most effective surf casting rigs to date. The big advantage of this rig is that it will enable you to cast further than you would with a conventional rig. The pulley rig system allows you to place the baited hook under the plastic arm so that once the rig hits the water the force will push the bait shield upwards, allowing the baited to let go and set itself. Once this happens, the hook is driven into the side of the fish’s face without the fisho having to strike or set the hook.
To really gain the full effect of this surf casting rig an additional small float has been added to your trace to lift the bait off the sea floor, putting it right in front of the fish

In this package you will get 1x long casting pulley rig, along with two traces complete with floats and chemically sharpened hooks.

Surfcasting Floating Pulley Rig Features:
  • Fluorescent floats
  • 1x Long casting pulley rig
  • 2x Traces complete with floats and chemically sharpened hooks
  • 5/0 main hook, 4/0 keeper hook
  • Heavy duty surfcasting clips and pulley

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